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A Robert Feulgen Prize of the Society for Histochemistry call for 2022 cancelled

We regret to announce that the Society for Histochemistry made a decision not to issue a call for The Robert Feulgen Prize in 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

The Robert Feulgen Prize will be awarded for an outstanding achievement in the field of histochemistry. The monetary prize to be awarded is 2,000 EUR + refunded expenses of registration fee and accommodation. The contributions may be either towards the development of new histochemical and cytochemical techniques or in the application of existing technology towards solving important problems in biology and/or medicine. Addressed are scientists working in microscopical sciences (in the widest sense) as well as in biochemistry, cell biology, endocrinology, in situ molecular techniques, and neurosciences. Scientists in their mid-career, typically up to 10 years after obtaining the PhD degree (assistant or associate professor, priv. doz.) are encouraged to apply. The prize is not intended for lifetime contributions.

The application should contain a short curriculum vitae, a 1,000 word summary of the contributions of the applicant and PDF reprints of the pertinent publications.

Standing Orders:

The paramount assessment criterion when evaluating applications for the Robert Feulgen Prize is the quality of the scientific achievement. Furthermore, the Robert Feulgen Prize is not intended for life time achievements but for scientist in the middle of their scientific career.

Therefore, the Adjudication Committee will evaluate according to the following rules:

  1. The applicant's scientific oeuvre has to meet with the research topics the Society of Histochemistry focusses on.
  2. The applicant's position is up to the middle of her/his scientific career.
  3. Assessment of significant achievements, recognized by the scientific community, typically by the number of citations of the corresponding published works.
  4. Assessment of overall publication activity, including especially of the number of publications in high quality journals.
  5. Assessment of overall scientific activity (CV: career, scientific activities other than publications)
  6. Significance of the applicant's oeuvre in the current scientific landscape

A detailed list of rules and guidelines for your application can be found here. Chairman of the evaluation board: Prof. Carlo Ettore Pellicciari, University of Pavia, Department of Biology and Biotechnology "Lazzaro Spallanzani", Italy, email: pelli@unipv.it


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Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
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Andreas Römpp
Giessen, Germany
Yaron Shav-Tal
Ramat Gan, Israel
Tom Misteli
Bethesda, United States
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Hiroshi Kimura
Tokyo, Japan
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